Possible Dogman Encounter

So I did not witness this but my friend did. I don’t think he would want his name used so could you please not use his or mine. Thanks. He was driving down hwy 267 in South Carolina where Congaree National Park and Lake Marion meet. It was very early am hour because he was meeting my husband and some of our other friends to go duck hunting. He said “I was thinking for a split second as I was getting closer that it was a horse.” “Then it was clearly not a horse!” “It was eating a dead deer or some kind of roadkill.” “It was on two legs and stood taller than my Escort.” “It was greyish whitish and red snout because of what it was eating on the side of the road.” “It’s an image that’s burned into my brain!” “Freaked me out!” He said when he got to the boat landing everyone thought he was crazy except for my husband. I have search but I haven’t been able to find any sightings of dogman in SC.

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