An Amazing Encounter

Check out this encounter submitted to us by a gentleman who we will have on as a guest!

Once when very young, I was in Snowflake, Arizona. I believe it actually saved my life. Never shared with anyone because I was afraid of being laughed at, but when I was about 7 or 8 I was chased up a tree by a pack of dogs.  As I got to a limb about 12 or so feet up, I smelled something that made me almost get sick, and just as fast felt something hit the limb I was in and the dogs started screaming. I looked down and this huge, Harry man or ape looking man was throwing these dogs everywhere. The dogs ran off pretty quick and this thing stood up straight and it’s head barely missed touching this limb I was on. It took a couple steps, turned around and looked right at me as to let me know everything was ok, then walked off in to the trees. When I finally calmed down, I got down out of the tree and ran back through the trees to where my parents were looking for me. Until today I’ve never said anything about that day, but hearing about more and more people are coming forward I figured it’s about time. Believe me or not, I don’t care. I know what I saw and I’ll always be thankful for that wild man that saved my life all those years ago

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