A Very Scary Encounter!

Read about this encounter Pat had while hiking with friends!

My name is Patrick. I was 16 and on the last night of a five day hiking trip in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks. One by one everyone else went to bed leaving me alone at the fire. I was usually the last one to go to bed. I was sitting there gazing into the fire, listening to the occasional scampering of the critters in the woods, the night birds in the trees, in a not too distant lake the loons were calling. After a few minutes I noticed that all the sounds stopped, the only sound was the crackling of the fire.
I noticed movement to my left out of the corner of my eye. I turned an looked. There about six feet off the ground, between the trunks of two trees was a head, a head that looked like a wolf with a long pointy snout. It’s odd how one’s mind works. I really didn’t feel fear at that exact moment. What passed through my mind was ” There are no wolves left in NY, coyotes yes, but they aren’t that tall and they don’t climb trees”. All of this only took a second or two.

The fear soon kicked in. As I looked I could see it’s shoulder, about where our deltoid muscle is, it was big, I couldn’t see it’s elbow, but I could see it’s forearm, which was thin. It’s hand, not a paw, was hanging down at a right angle and had long spindly clawed fingers.

It turned it’s head slightly towards me and tilted it’s head down and to the right and looked at me from under it’s brow.
It didn’t use telepathy or anything like that, there were no words in my head. But I definitely felt it’s scorn and disdain for me and I had the impression that it did not want me to see it and that it could make me disappear, forever.

The rule the counselors and guides drilled into our heads was the last person left at the fire had to douse it. There was a big bucket of water next to me. Even though I was terrified I didn’t want to be responsible for burning down the Adirondacks. I was sitting cross legged about ten feet in front of the tent I shared with another hiker. In one motion I grabbed the bucket, tossed the whole thing into the fire, launched myself backwards and kind of crab walked into the tent, yanked the zipper down and got all the way down into the bottom of my sleeping bag in a fetal position. I don’t know why but I was out like a light almost immediately. The last thing I remember is my tent mate grumbling something in his sleep.

Next thing I knew it was dawn. Light was filtering through the tent and I heard one of the counselors up and about getting things ready for breakfast. Iooked down at my feet and I saw the zipper on the door was open and while I was still in my sleeping bag, my bottom half was out of the tent. My tent mate woke up as I was pulling my legs back in and he wanted to know who I was talking to in the middle of the night. I shrugged it off, saying I must have been dreaming.

I never told anyone about this until one night flipping through the channels I came across MonsterQuest and the American Werewolf episode. I was transfixed. Told my wife about my encounter and she hit me with “That’s nice” and rolled her eyes lol

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