A Listener’s Encounter

After listening to the podcast I finally feel comfortable enough of getting my story out. This is a Bigfoot encounter that takes place in Lincoln Montana in may of 2021. My ex gif and I had taken a camping trip out to Lincoln to hike and fish. We hiked the 4 mile hike in and saw foot prints in a snow patch HUGE foot prints. We took some videos and pics of some potential tree structures we had found and decided we should head back down. On the way down we head tree knocks and something following beside is in the tree like half way down a very large rock was thrown at my head I didn’t see it because it hit a tree of of my line of sight before it hit me. My ex said OMG that was throw at your head! So we ran at this point and got back to camp. While at camp we could hear something mimicking the sound of birds that were making noise followed by this chatter this carried on into what would be the longest night of my life being harassed at camp by thrown rocks and sticks. I’m skipping over so many details but would love to get my story out to you guys. Thanks for listening and I love the podcast.

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