Paralyzed with Fear!

My name is Taylor and I am 30 years old. I am a small business owner now but have a terrifying story from when I was 15 living in the high desert at the base of Wrightwood CA.
A group of 5 of us were attacked and chased by a huge, creepy armed, demon looking thing that had crazy speed and dexterity. Scariest and most unforgettable night of my whole life.
We were doing a pre-planned, “12 Nights of Christmas Charity,” thing (long story, but interesting & I think ties into the attack) when this all happened.
We were 5 14-15 year olds (boys & girls) walking down a dirt road shoulder to shoulder and the road was winding to the left. My mom had coordinated this (it was like a ding dong ditch, approved by parents, thing.) That said, my mom had to turn her Jeep around to drive straight out before we got out rather than turn around as we were running away.
The moon was completely out, we saw everything, even far away. We were excited about what we were doing and quietly whispering our plan. The mountain came around to where you couldn’t see the turn.
Before we get to the turn, the energy completely shifts and we all stop walking, stop talking. We’re standing paralyzed with fear. This creature comes climbing up the mountain at us with disjointed shoulders and hands. All black, glowing eyes. Before we even said anything, it scales the side of the hill and comes floating up almost at us.
None of us said a word and literally hauled ass back to my mom’s Jeep. I felt it chasing us but wouldn’t even look behind me. We all ran faster and harder than I ever could.
We didn’t say one word until we made it into my mom’s Jeep, “Drive, drive, drive,” and we all piled in as she stepped on the gas, hysterically screaming.
My mom finally got home and got me to tell her what happened. She didn’t believe me but I wouldn’t go back ever again and ruined this kid’s Christmas. Maybe that’s what it wanted.
I told a friend this story and he’s convinced I saw a Wendingo – typically comes out in December, disdains anything that harms the land? Anyway, I thought it was interesting and there’s definitely more than that to the story but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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